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Saddlery Accessories Saddlery Accessories Saddle Pad, Full Felt Made of suede and felt. With pockets front and back to elevate the saddle if required by adding extra padding, or use it to protect the horse's back. $90 Plus freight. 22953652 Saddle Pad, 1/2 Felt Made of suede and felt. To lift the back of the saddle, more padding can be added into the pockets. $70 Plus freight. 22953738 Stirrup Guards Clip on clogs to prevent a rider's foot going too far into the stirrup. Made from leather. Available in Adult short & long and Child short & long. $60 per pair Plus freight. 22953882 Monkey Strap Rolled leather strap, buckles onto dees on the front of the saddle. Available in different lengths and thickness by request. $20 Plus freight. 22954013 Monkey Strap- Padded Rolled leather monkey strap covered in foam with a fluffy cover. Ideal for riders with poor grasp needing to hold the front of the saddle. $25 plus freight. 206282149