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Lungeing and Long Reining Equipment Lungeing and Long Reining Equipment Lungeing Roller Leather Roller with 3 Dees to attach side reins. Removable padding to allow close contact to horse. $70 plus freight 206282151 Lunge Rein Soft Cotton Rein, 9 m long with heavy brass swivel snap. The end is folded over to avoid loosing control of the rein. $20 plus freight 206282152 Side Reins Leather side reins for lungeing with elastic inserts for a soft contact without restriction. Adjustable to suit a variety of horses. $65 plus freight. 206282153 Long Reining Roller Leather roller with rings attached to the girth buckles to keep the reins at elbow height on the horse. Girth made to measure. Also useful in Hippotherapy, no bulky padding to sit on. $80 Plus freight. 22890194 Long Reins Made from cotton webbing, sewn for comfort. The first 2 m are rolled to slip through the rings easily. Available with buckles and clips. Various lengths available, 5 m $70; 7 m $80; & 9 m reins $90 Plus freight. 22890193